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Deutsche Aircraft breaks ground at Leipzig/Halle Airport for the Final Assembly Line of the world’s most modern and sustainable turboprop: the new D328eco™

The management team of Deutsche Aircraft and stakeholders and representatives from Leipzig/Halle Airport, the German government and the Free State of Saxony met for the ground-breaking ceremony of the aircraft assembly line for the new 40-seat turboprop aircraft, the D328eco.  

“At Deutsche Aircraft, we take great pride in the construction of our state-of-the-art and climate-friendly final assembly line,” says Nico Neumann (COO, Deutsche Aircraft). The assembly line will be built and operated in compliance with the best industry practices and sustainability principles.

“This is a key milestone in our D328eco programme and we are pleased to take this step following our programme objectives,” adds Dave Jackson (CEO, Deutsche Aircraft).

The German government has acknowledged the significant role of Deutsche Aircraft in the aviation industry. For the German government, Deutsche Aircraft is a strategic partner for the sustainable development of the aviation industry. The D328eco is an important industrial policy project for the German government,” says Dr. Anna Christmann (Federal Government Coordinator of German Aerospace). “The planned use of 100% SAF in the D328eco as a market-ready option is a key milestone for the aviation industry worldwide. In the coalition agreement, we set ourselves the goal of making Germany a pioneer in climate-neutral aviation.”

The strategic orientation of Deutsche Aircraft and Leipzig/Halle Airport with the support of the Free State of Saxony makes Leipzig an attractive location for the assembly line. The region has an excellent infrastructure, sufficient space and a qualified workforce. In addition, Saxony has a long tradition of aircraft construction, which Deutsche Aircraft can now build on.

Michael Kretschmer (Prime Minister of the Free State of Saxony) remarks that “The establishment of Deutsche Aircraft at Leipzig Airport is a great success and underscores Saxony’s attractiveness as a business location. For the first time since reunification, a final assembly line for aircraft construction is being built in the new federal states. As an aircraft manufacturer, Deutsche Aircraft will strengthen the aerospace industry in Saxony and complement the excellent research facilities, supplier companies and maintenance and conversion experts in the Free State. Up to 350 new jobs will be created at Leipzig Airport with state-of-the-art and, more importantly, climate-friendly production conditions.”

The assembly line will be built on approximately 62,000 square meters and will have a production capacity for forty-eight D328eco aircraft per year. In addition to the production hall, a hangar will be built for aircraft delivery, along with a logistics centre and an administration building with parking spaces.

According to Götz Ahmelmann (CEO of Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG) “Deutsche Aircraft’s new assembly line at Leipzig/Halle Airport will make our airport one of the beacons of sustainable aviation. The D328eco sets the standard in terms of climate-friendly production and environmentally friendly flying."

“The assembly line is designed to be completely CO2-neutral,” explains Sebastian Böhnl (Director of Infrastructure and Digitalization, Deutsche Aircraft) as he outlines the energy concept for the whole production facility. “We will produce around 750 kW of solar power with a photovoltaic system on the roof. From the use of heat pumps, the optional expansion with energy storage, green spaces on the roof and the wood-concrete hybrid construction, to electric charging stations for cars and bicycles, this innovative investment is well-integrated into a sustainable production ecosystem.” 

Background information German Aircraft Final Assembly Line

- 100% climate-friendly

  • CO2-neutral energy concept – use of renewable energy
  • Solar power through photovoltaics on the roof (750 kW/p.a.)
  • Use of efficient heat pumps
  • Energy storage can be optionally integrated: smart grid batteries or hydrogen fuel cell
  • Green deck on all buildings
  • Wood-concrete hybrid construction for administration building
  • Electric charging stations for cars and bicycles using energy from PV

- 100% digital

  • Paperless production throughout all processes
  • Automated and driverless transport systems
  • Automated parts and tool storage
  • 3D model-supported production with the possibility of AR (augmented reality)

- 100% modern + lean

  • Newly designed, efficient manufacturing tools (e.g. for the fuselage)
  • Use of energy-efficient battery tools
  • Optimal process flows (digitally designed and supported)
  • Production line tailored to D328eco
  • New generation integral factory planning
  • Glass factory with the possibility for customers to visit the production line
  • Expansion options planned for the site

- Key specifications

  • 62,000 sqm site (about twice the area of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool)
  • Final Assembly Line (FAL) and Flight Readiness Hangar (FR)
  • Logistics Centre (LSC) and Administration Building
  • Production capacity for forty-eight D328eco aircraft per year
  • 250–350 new employees
  • Investment: >100 million EUR

Source: Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG