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When: 14th - 15th June 2023

Where: Copenhagen (Denmark)

Decarbonisation of hard-to-abate sectors as well as clean mobility and green energy generation are some of the goals set in Europe. Without use of hydrogen it will be impossible to move forward with the process. As 2022 was a breakthrough time for hydrogen industry, this year we are focusing on topics like latest regulations and policies, transformation of existing grids and building new ones, hydrogen storage technologies, industrial applications of hydrogen, generation of clean energy and decarbonization of transport.

Hydrogen & P2X 2023 offers the opportunity to increase the international focus on the region marketed under the label "AIREA - landing pad for investors in Central Germany". The focus will be primarily on the topic of Smart Energy & Green Hydrogen, because the decarbonization of industry, clean mobility and green energy production are important goals that Europe has set for itself. Only through the use of hydrogen will it be possible to advance this process. The partners of AIREA present themselves with their attractive location factors as a TOP location for the development of the hydrogen industry.

A further aim of the presentation in Copenhagen is to invite interested representatives of the hydrogen industry with an interest in investing, in order to convince themselves on site in the "AIREA" region of its locational advantages. As part of a delegation trip, the business development agencies from Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony, together with Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI), invite interested entrepreneurs from the Nordic countries to Central Germany from September 04 - 07, 2023.

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