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Precision Touchdown for Business in the airea – The Airport Region in Central Germany

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“airea – The Airport Region in Central Germany”, the ultramodern and efficient airport location in Central Germany, is a major gateway for passengers and goods traveling between the growth markets in Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and North America. Located right in the heart of Germany, “airea” is also the perfect place where innovative companies and pioneering ideas take off.

“airea” – an Interstate Economic Region

Attractive properties for different trades and industries are available in the metropolitan area around the airport. Globally active corporate groups, innovative small and medium sized enterprises as well as young startups will find the best possible locational conditions for investments and growth here. In addition to its superb link to the rail and federal expressway networks, the region also excels with highly qualified employees as well as great potentials for commercial sites and investments. Especially for the pharmaceutical and biotech sector, for the automotive and chemical industry, hydrogen and renewable energies up to the logistics industry, settling in the Airea, the airport region in central Germany, is attractive. To give “airea” even greater international visibility and promote it as a joint economic region on global markets, the Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG (MFAG), the Saxony Trade & Invest Corporation (WFS), and the Investment and Marketing Corporation Saxony-Anhalt (IMG) have agreed upon extensive cooperation in the End of May. The partners want to tap their potentials for attracting investors and new business setups even more effectively than has been the case so far, and they also want to promote themselves as a joint economic region both across state borders and on international markets.

“We’re pooling our knowledge and expertise, and we’re using synergy effects for the promotion of united economic regions. That’s a win-win situation both for ‘airea’ and for investors and companies putting down roots in the area around Leipzig/Halle Airport,” says Thomas Horn, Managing Director of the WFS. In the Central German region, the focus is already on the production and use of renewable energies. Accordingly, there is already a great deal of expertise in these areas. For the airport region, Götz Ahmelmann, CEO of the Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG forecasts superb dynamic growth. “Thanks to this cooperation, existing value creation chains will be expanded even further and new innovative enterprises will set up their businesses here.”

Quick and Easy Access to International Markets

The contracting partners of “airea” cooperate in attracting and accompanying investors and promote industrial zones in close coordination with regional economic development agencies. They coordinate their services, for example, when it comes to logistics, staff training and development, the promotion of business setups as well as the recruitment of skilled employees and specialists. Joint marketing is also intended to develop charisma in other sectors and strengthen the regions of the Central German Mining District affected by structural change through replacement investments.


Source: Mitteldeutscher Logistikanzeiger